Autumn Planning

This is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect and ensure you have the right plans and goals in place


We talk a lot about planning at Ginger Mash, and September is a great time to make some resolutions and set new goals, because this time of year after the summer holidays feels like a fresh start. It’s time to get serious and buckle down for the last quarter of the year.

As we come back rested and refreshed after a summer break, it’s good to capitalise on that sense of enthusiasm, seek out those opportunities and embrace new challenges. It makes sense to set aside some time to review, set new goals and plans. I view planning as a way of setting the direction of my business – I look at where I want it to go and why, then look at the steps I need to take to get there.


Get organised
Take a look at the rest of the year and plan what needs to be done and when. Think about areas like marketing, and make lists to help you focus on the short, medium and long-term plans you have. Don’t just focus on the next 4 months, you’ll have another check-in at the end of the year so start organising yourself for 2023 too!

Review and set new goals
Have a look at the goals you set at the start of the year and review the progress you have made towards achieving them. What have been your major challenges and key areas of learning? Identify what may have got in the way and look at what you want to achieve in the last months of the year.

Are there any skill or knowledge gaps that are getting in the way of business growth? How are you going to fill those gaps? Do you need to bring in people to fill those gaps, or do you need to learn new skills?

Financial management
For some of us, autumn is our year-end, or maybe this comes a little later. Either way, take some time to crunch numbers and do your cash flow projections. Check in and liaise with your bookkeeper or accountant so that you are on top of your finances, which will help you to make informed decisions about your growth in the new business year.

Health and wellbeing
Try to keep, or start, some good habits following on from your summer break. Consider what you need to be happy and healthy and make some goals around fitness, well-being and self-care. It’s so important for you to have the right mental and physical well-being for your own success.

This is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect and ensure you have the right plans and goals in place to ensure you end the year where you want to be. I help business professionals to be more effective at work, so get in touch with me, and let me help you with your planning and goal setting.


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