Building A Team Around You


  • Pick the things you enjoy – and then, do them!
  • Fix regular times in your diary to work on the important stuff
  • Schedule regular catch ups with your team
  • Use a tracking method that works for you!  e.g. Trello boards

This question often comes up when I’m talking with clients…

“When and how am I going to make time to work on my business?

I am too busy working with my clients.”

As busy entrepreneurs, it’s often the way and the need that we focus the majority of our time on our clients, and rarely on ourselves or our businesses. 

So, how do we juggle it all?

How do you work out where the space is in your already busy work day? 

How do you take ideas and implement them?


Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Could you outsource your admin, your book-keeping, or your social media?*
  • Could you streamline the processes within the business by automation or reducing multiple entry?  Make your life easy… 
  • Could you reduce your own business hours or reduce the amount of days you put in for your clients?  
  • Do you have a half day or few hours booked each week set aside for admin work?

*These areas can take a lot of your time, before you know it (like me) you have spent 2 hours on a social media post!  You don’t have to employ anyone full time: it is becoming more the norm these days to use self-employed freelancers. So, no Employment Stress!


How can you help yourself?

It can be really stressful making these decisions…

I know, I have had to make them myself… Now, I have a great team around me!

  • The first step is to take the time out. Give your business some love and write down your pain points.
  • Write down, what you are doing and how?
  • Also, write down what are you not doing?  Do you have time planned for each area of your business: finance, marketing, business development, back office functions?
  • How much of your time does each task take? Be honest
  • What do you like doing, and what do you not like doing?

Having done this exercise, review your finances.

Are you spending too much time doing tasks that you could hand over to someone else?


How can I help you?

Get in touch with me and arrange a FREE 45-minute exploratory call to see how you can help yourself. We will make a plan for you. 

After we’ve spoken and you’ve made a few small changes, you will notice the difference immediately!


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