Choosing the things you’re good at and enjoy



  • Tip 1: Decide if what you need doing is something you have time to do.

  • Tip 2: Get quotes from external providers

  • Tip 3: Plan to get the work done when you can do the preparation

  • Tip 4: Build a team of experts to fit your business

Trying to do everything for my business and working in it full time, I know myself, is both tiring and draining – not to mention stressful!
And, when I tried to do it all myself, things were not done to the standard I would expect from my own work.
When I tried to set up a blog: it took me so long, because I had no idea what I was doing!  Then, I spoke to a friend (a website/blog expert): it turned out I had set it up totally incorrectly and we had to start again. 
I totted up the hours I had spent… Yes, I had spent 8 hours achieving nothing.  
Now, I have a fabulous website designer and a wonderful VA, who take all that pain away from me.  It’s worth it, because it gives me the time to do the things I am good at, and I even have my evenings back! I can work with these people as and when I need them.

Get the expertise to buy you time

We didn’t start our businesses, because we are social media experts (unless you really are), or you happened to decide you would train as book keeper alongside your full time job.
So, why would you decide you are an expert in those fields if you’re not?
Save yourself time and money, by finding the right specialists you need for your business.
Manage your business your way. Take the bull by the horns!





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