Does size matter when choosing a business consultant?

What makes working with me more attractive than hiring one of the Big Boys?

I’ve been thinking about the differences between what I offer as a small business consultancy, compared with some of the much larger, perhaps more well-known consultancies out there. What makes working with me more attractive than hiring one of my competitors?  Without doubt, I’m more affordable, provide better value for money, along with the flexibility to cover more topics or challenges.

As a small business consultant, I offer both flexibility and agility in my approach to the challenges and needs of every business I work with. There is no one size fits all solution when a business works with me.

I’ll immerse myself to understand every part of your business in detail. I believe it’s really important to seek out where the issues and problems are for myself. Only then can I identify the solutions that will work best for your business in its entirety. To that end collaboration is key. I work closely with my clients to ensure they achieve the right outcome that will improve their business.

Small is beautiful. My consultancy is nimble, energetic and we will go doggedly after your interests!

My key strengths are in part, the ability to adapt and change my approach to meet these challenges, providing a bespoke service that meets your specific requirements. Once I start work, my role may evolve as we open up new areas to explore and develop in order to ensure continuity and growth across all areas of your business.

I have a genuine desire to help small businesses achieve big things. Not only do I bring all of my own experience, I have a wealth of experts on hand to cover the areas I can’t. Lower overheads and repeat word-of-mouth business referrals mean that I can offer a great value service with very effective deliverable outcomes.

If you are looking for a solution specific to your needs at a competitive price, then we should talk. I’m great for bouncing around ideas, helping you to take informed decisions, and to implement changes that will benefit your business.


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I love to work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and family teams, who have developed their passion and realised they have the talent to create a successful business. 

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