Don’t Throw the Towel In!  

Sometimes change happens in the most unexpected way…

About a year ago, just before the first lockdown, I was working out with some equipment and exercises a physio had given me to help with a long-standing shoulder injury, when my partner’s personal trainer, Matt, happened to see me.

Matt asked me why I was doing what I was doing? I must admit I had been doing these exercises for a long time, yet they didn’t seem to be really making any difference to my shoulder.  Matt explained why he thought I was not getting any benefits and suggested a much simpler solution.

He set me up with a gentle exercise plan, using functional, simple exercises, which worked more on building up my core strength, and focused less on my actual shoulder.

Under his guidance, I am now learning how to box!

I’ve learnt it’s not about punching with all your might, but it’s about the way you move your body and your mind. For just under a year, I’ve been seeing Matt twice a week to continue to build on the functional and core exercises, just using movement and a few pieces of basic equipment.

No fancy, expensive equipment, no fancy gym to attend – just me, my exercises and guidance from Matt.

Get that second opinion…

A year ago, I could not run or swing a golf club, and I was taking a lot of pain killers. It was a hugely frustrating time, totally demoralising. And yet, now I can run and play golf again, and I am free from pain.

Sometimes, you have to stop what you’re doing if you’re not getting results. It helps to have someone (who really knows their stuff) to give you a second opinion. You don’t have to go for the most expensive option, because often the simpler solutions do work. For me, at least, it did. 

I’ve even surprised myself, by now being physically stronger, mentally fitter and feeling good about myself again.  I love sport and I love being able to take the time out of day to focus on me!  

If you’re stuck in the rut and can’t fix an injury or struggling with motivation, you know where to go! Go see Matt!

My enormous thanks go to Matt Gorton at the The Hit Box in Sandhurst –  @hitbox_81


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