How to Survive the Big Chill

Now that the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are changing,

I know how hard it is to motivate yourself.



 Here are my Bite Sized Tips to keep you going…



  • Tip 1  ? Drink lots of water, now that its colder we all lean to warm drinks – hydration is key. 
  • Tip 2 ? Lunch break – take time away from that desk, to clear the head.
  • Tip 3 ? Eat well – a nice balanced diet really helps me to have energy and feel well.
  • Tip 4  ?️A nice clear desk – this helps us feel in control – trust me it works.
  • Tip 5  ? A balanced week between zoom calls and quiet time. We need to look forward to talking with colleagues and peers, it really helps! I find this so helpful and great for my confidence.
  • Tip 6 ? Messages from loved ones or friends – yes this may sound odd, but honestly a lovely message on your desk can really help – well, me anyway!
  • Tip 7 ? Something to look forward to each week – this really does boost me up when I am feeling low. In these strange times and especially during Lockdown, it’s not easy to get out or to see people. But even if it’s a socially distanced walk with one other person – again, this keeps us positive.
  • Tip 8 ? Most importantly – be kind and realistic with what you can achieve.


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