The Juggling Act 


It’s the subtle art of appearing to be in control,  when everything

around you is spiraling out of it.




  • Tip 1  Don’t PANIC!
  • Tip 2  Take Time Out to Take Stock
  • Tip 3  Divert, Delegate, Delay 
  • Tip 4  Just Say NO                    
  • Tip 5  Don’t Lose Your Cool
  • Tip 6 Troubleshoot in Advance

Things may be getting out of hand due to unforeseen circumstances, which just hit you out of the blue (illness, natural disasters, etc.) Or, it could be an abundance of good luck in the form of business flying in through your door like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a good thing, but you just didn’t foresee it.

So, what to do next to take back control…

1. Don’t Panic!

The old saying of Keep Calm & Carry On does actually work, though it may seem impossible at the time. Losing your head at this point in time will not help anything – in fact, it will make things so much worse. So, calmly plan, prioritise and address.


2. Take a time out and take stock of the situation

Sounds counterintuitive to stop for a moment, when you haven’t the time to take a comfort break – but, you need to do so to regroup. Draft a list of targets, which are really critical i.e., really prioritize what is important to your business right now. And, stick to it like glue!


3. The 3 D’s – Divert, Delegate or Delay

This works with your list of priorities. Anything that is not essential should be put off, so that you can focus on what needs to be done. What shouts do it now?


4. Just Say No

Decline non-essential tasks/projects/work. If you feel bad about letting a client down, then recommend a reliable colleague  in the same line of business. This way your client isn’t left high and dry, and you never know your business colleague may return the favour one day. Be seen in a different light.


5. Do Not Lose Your Cool!

Losing your cool and letting it show is not good for your relationships with clients or employees/co-workers. Everybody has issues in their lives. You may be going through a big one right now, but you don’t know what the folks are around you are dealing with. So, don’t pass it on. Rather, go for a walk, sit in your car and sing along with BoRap at the top of your lungs, punch a passing tree – whatever it takes, remain calm.


6. Troubleshoot

As we all know hindsight is 20/20 vision. But, to be frank, you may have had an inkling something was coming down. So, for the future, try to anticipate potential trouble spots or difficult areas.


If it’s a problem of delivering something on time – whether it be an architectural design, or a load of brass widgets – be honest and realistic with your client.

Much, much better to give them a heads-up and let them adjust their plans, than to not deliver on time and give them feeble excuses.


How Can We Help You Right Now?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your business?

Or do foresee a really busy time ahead, but you’re not sure if you have the staff and resources to manage it?

Take 45 mins of your time to talk it through with someone else. You will and can get it under control!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go from that panicky feeling to getting back in to the driving seat. 


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