Keep Your ‘Shop Door’ Open

Why keeping your shop door open is so important… even now when your clients might not be in a position to buy…

After speaking with some of my contacts and attending some virtual networking events, I don’t feel it is wise to be sitting back on your laurels at this time. 

You need to be visible online and marketing your business. So, when your existing or potential clients do need something, your business comes into their mind (not your competitor’s). 

I get that it may feel like a pointless exercise, but it is not, I assure you!

This is the time to be adaptable and to offer something back to your clients, whether this is something that comes naturally to you or not, just try.

Could you work on a project, but ask for a small deposit upfront – agreeing that they could make payment later? But, I do not advise that you should work for free. Despite these strange times, value your time, no matter what.

Keep marketing in whichever way you choose; just remember to balance selling your services with other messages which share useful information or positive thoughts. Try not to dwell on the current times. I am sure you will be surprised.

Some people will be frantically busy at this time, if their services are needed right now. So, don’t dismiss that no one wants your services. We are all having to be creative in how we deliver our work. Consider this: what can you do virtually for your client now?

If you’re not busy, use this time to research which businesses are, and which ones are still marketing – it’s time to be an inventor! 

This is a good time to scope out your competition as well – see how they are handling the situation, be different. 

And, if you’re not busy, don’t show it!  Appearances do count for a lot!

 Here are my Bite Sized Tips for keeping that ‘shop door’ open.



  • Tip 1  Find new ways of working with your clients
  • Tip 2  Keep marketing – keep a healthy mix of selling and sharing info with positive posts
  • Tip 3  Find those clients that are busy and reach out to them
  • Tip 4   Use any down time to research new clients and your competition.
  • Tip 5   If you’re not busy, don’t show it!


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