Why we should practice what we preach

Actions speak louder than words

Nothing kills credibility faster than not practising what you preach. When you are disconnected from others in your business it will affect not just the people surrounding you, but your reputation and your business overall as a whole. If you hold great stock in discipline and time-keeping, but are consistently late yourself, how can you earn the respect and trust of others, be they customers or work colleagues?

It is important to get your brand messaging right. As a leader, people listen to you. How you communicate is essential, but it has to be more than just words: what you say, or don’t say, speaks volumes, and you need to follow through on what you are saying with action.

At the heart of your business is its core values and beliefs. These are its beating heart, and the sentiment comes directly from you. The most important thing here is to never get yourself in a situation where you say things you don’t believe in. You are your business and whatever you say you must do, and from this your staff and customers will follow.


Most businesses have statements about their vision and values. The key is to show others how to make this a reality by being a role model, thereby inspiring and enabling others. How you act informs how others interact with you, including your customers with whom you rely on to support your business growth and success. I like to consider how I want myself and my business to be described, then take the steps to demonstrate it with my actions.

  • By practising what you preach you will create a working environment which is:
  • Productive because people make an effort at work they enjoy doing, and into achieving a goal they believe in.
  • Harmonious because everyone is working together to achieve a shared objective
  • Accommodating because with clear communication others can better understand and facilitate change. They can see how the business aligns with their values
  • Dedicated because working with others who are like minded gives a stronger sense of purpose.

As a business owner, you should exemplify the values you want to instil across your business. You have to be accountable to these values. Think about this in particular when hiring staff – you need their behaviours to align with the same values, because if they are not then they unlikely to be a good fit for you.

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