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It’s been said that …

Success in achieving your vision and/or goals depends 20% on your strategy and planning, and 80% on the delivery or execution.

That 80% execution is often a stumbling block, which prevents businesses and business owners from achieving their goals and targets  – and sometimes, not moving their businesses forward at all. So, how do you ensure you execute the plan?

We all get excited putting a plan together.

Lots of big ideas, vision, people we can talk to… that shiny new toy sort of thing… sounds familiar at all?! 

I have found myself scribbling down a plan after a walk when an idea has popped into my head. Then, getting to the part in my strategy planner, where I need to sort out the who, how and when.

That’s when my excitement suddenly disappears, because though I won’t be all the who, I will be the how and when – and, that starts to send cold shivers down my back!

This happens to the best of us, trust me! 


   Don’t let frustration or fear get in the way of your strategy

 Here are my Bite Sized Tips for ensuring that when you have an idea, you change the order around a bit!



  • Tip 1  The idea comes to you – write it down
  • Tip 2  Work out who can help you execute it
  • Tip 3   Check if you have an additional budget in the bank to support and execute the idea
  • Tip 4   Work out if you are the who, then plan the time in your schedule (having checked you have the capacity)
  • Tip 5   Create the strategy and plan – and get going!

This may seem upside-down to what many people tell you.

But why would you have an idea, create a strategy, and then realise you wasted all that time, when you don’t have the time, the budget, the people to execute it….? 

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Fun Fact: The 48 Hour Rule

When that brilliant idea comes to you, act upon it in some which way, within 48 hours.

This helps you set it in the forefront of your mind, and you’re much more likely to follow up on it.

Leave it to languish, and it’ll never take root.


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Do you have a great idea, but you’re not sure if you have the time, people and resources to make it happen?

Take 45 mins of your time to talk it through with me. You can and will get that plan to succeed!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go from that panicky feeling to being back in the driving seat. 


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