What to do when your business starts to unravel

Why a timely intervention may be just what is needed

There’s been a lot about mission failure and ‘u-turns’ in the news over the past weeks. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get political. Rather, let’s face the fact that sometimes things that we do in business do not go to plan. It can be for various reasons: wrong timing, wrong pricing, etc…

You may have been in business for years, or you’ve managed to survive the last 18 months, but at some point as your business grows and develops, it becomes more complex. There are more moving parts – and so more chances that something can go wrong.

You’re the expert in your field – that’s why you started your business. 

You don’t necessarily have to be brilliant with the finances, great with the marketing, wonderful at HR. Yes, you learn on the job but it’s so much easier and more efficient if you have help along the way. And when things start to go wrong – badly wrong – a trusted view from outside may be just what you need to avert disaster. The thing is not to go on too long, struggling to turn around a bad project or a failing idea into a success.

Don’t leave it too long before you take action!

What’s the answer?

  • Be clear eyed if you can and identify there’s a problem – facing it is half the battle.
  • Get advice from a trusted, experienced professional.
  • Take action – either by yourself, or preferably with help from an expert or two.

As a small business consultant, I can come in at any point in the process, but it’s always best when it’s not too late!


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