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Choose 3 things and get going!

What’s NOT on your To-do list? 


  • Tip 1  Set a target to reach by Christmas…  (Sorry! the C word!)
  • Tip 2  Start planning for next year, NOW.
  • Tip 3  Network, Network, Network ! 
  • Tip 4  Be realistic with your goals                      
  • Tip 5  Check your website copy is up to date!
  • Tip 6 Get a handle on your social media

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Welcome back to school everyone!  I hope you have had a great summer and that your businesses have been moving along nicely, despite you not always being there. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to spend precious time with family and/or taking lovely well-earned breaks. Look out for my new Small Biz Game Changer service coming soon!

So, how have things worked for you this summer? 

Has your business been running smoothly and have your automations been working well for you? 

If not, use this experience wisely – and consider a Simple Strategy Review call with me soon!  

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Working with the Experts

Why outsourcing your admin takes the pain away

Something I realised a few years ago, even I cannot do it all.  So, having worked with a number of experts in various fields, I decided I need to outsource areas of my business. This allows me to work in my business more and work with more Small Business Owners.

I work with a fabulous Virtual Assistant (VA), who does all the back end stuff for me. She will have been doing all the checks and balances for this email to reach you.   I pay for her time and her time only – so yes, it is really affordable!

Here’s a little about VAs and what they can do for you!


So, what’s a VA anyway?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can tackle all the tasks a traditional Office manager, admin assistant, personal or executive assistant can do. VAs buy you time to get on with the real business of running your business. The advantage is though, you only pay for the actual time workednot for office space, cups of tea, and other costs associated with having an employee physically on your premises.  VAs have been around for over 15 years, but they’ve really started to motor in the last 5 or so. They have professional associations and they set our industry standards high.

Your typical VA usually has a lot of experience and expertise, because many of them have worked at office manager, PA and Executive levels – taking on their fair share of responsibilities and being answerable to heads of companies. Some are all-rounders, handling all manner of admin support experience. However, others may specialise in social media, website work, or setting up and managing CRM systems. You name it, there’s probably somebody doing it.

They work with you on a project by project basis, or on a contract, which can run for months or years at a time. They work independently, or in collaboration with your existing team. They can handle the regular repetitive but essential tasks that just have to get done, or they can work on something which is out of your normal realm of business. Find yourself a generalist or a specialist, and cut yourself some slack.

Now, how can we help you?

You know you have some tasks that you really shouldn’t be doing. It’s fine – we all do. Need a hand finding a VA to suit you and your business needs? 

Book a call with me and we’ll help you find your very own VA. Someone who fits your way of working and your budget and working style.

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