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Helping the MD break free!

You know what it’s like… You’ve a wealth of ideas you could be using to grow and develop your business, if only the day job didn’t get in the way. This was the situation facing the Managing Director of Metisplan, a planning and project control company, when Lucinda met him at a workshop. The business was small – just a couple of people – but, the MD had big ambitions. If only he could find the time to plan, and implement those plans properly! It wasn’t just the future, which was on the back-burner either. Month-end invoicing wasn’t up to date, and the rest of the admin was lagging behind.

Lucinda in Action!

You’d be surprised how quickly things can change!

Lucinda introduced the MD to Back Office Brilliance. We started with just 10 hours per week with one day on-site – but, it gave him the space he needed to devote time to the business, rather than to its admin. It wasn’t long before we had the invoicing – and the rest of the admin – up to date. And, guess what? Metisplan was growing.

Our involvement grew as the company expanded. Eventually, the admin became a full time job in itself. We helped the MD hire a full time office manager to support the business. With the new manager in place, our time has switched from Back Office Brilliance to HR and strategic business growth.

And that’s just as it should be: staying flexible to deliver what your business needs now, and in the future.

“They are professional, flexible and competent and I would highly recommend using Ginger Mash Services.” – Managing Director, Metisplan

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Sometimes a step back, gets you moving forward

When I first met her, Anna’s business had been up and running for 12 months.
The day-to-day running of the business was sort of fine.
But Anna found her time swallowed up by the daily minutiae, which left precious little space for doing the things that can really help a business progress.
She wasn’t following up with clients. She wasn’t seeking feedback.
As things became even more intense, she found herself running out of time to get all her work done or to spend quality time with her family.
Busy is always good – but Anna wanted to enjoy both her business and her family life.
Instead, she was resenting the former and missing the latter.

Lucinda in Action!

Anna took time to take a step back.

She asked me to spend a couple of hours with her reviewing each element of her business.

She was so close to her work she couldn’t see where corners could be legitimately cut, where processes were being replicated, or where they could be streamlined. We ran a Simple Strategy Review on her business.

One of the key changes was employing a member of staff to take away the day to day grind. The budget was tight, but the extra pair of hands meant Anna now had time for family, for breaks, and for managing the business more effectively. For the first time in months, she was enjoying her business again.

We still review progress every quarter.

“Spending a couple of hours has changed the way I think and feel about my business. You have given me ideas and solutions to things I never thought possible. You are creative, you think outside–the-box. Thank you!” – Anna, Business Owner

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Ramping Up a Charity’s Data

If you want to market more effectively, your data is the natural place to start.
It’s how you target, segment, and personalise your communications.
But, so many companies don’t take full advantage of their existing database.
Ginger Mash worked with a charity’s Marketing Director to turn an unloved and unhelpful database into an effective tool that reached key targets.

Lucinda in Action!

As with most Ginger Mash projects, things began with a chat…

The Marketing Director explained the information they needed and what it was going to be used for. We put together a bespoke package of 10 hours of data analysis and cleansing to start with, which was reviewable after 8 hours of work. We find these reviews invaluable as they prevent ‘mission creep’, and keeps the client in control.

We were only halfway through the period when the MD asked us to continue with the project, completing the list of their target companies and relevant contacts. It turned out to be a Business Game Changer for them. Now, the charity can create and manage campaigns far more simply and effectively.  It can reach its target audience by merging the newly refined data with MailChimp.

“This has changed the way we promote our business, and we know we are reaching the right contacts. We will be using you again!” – The Charity’s Marketing Director

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