Don’t Forget to Run Your Business…

I met a client earlier this week, who came to me because he was struggling to juggle all the balls in his business. He spends the majority of his time on the road visiting his clients and very little time in front of a laptop. So, doing his business administration has always been the last thing on his list. When I explained to him that working on his business, is as important as running the business and working on its future, he gave me a very shocked look!!!

Perhaps, because I spend my time working with entrepreneurs and Small Business owners, who are usually at the same point, I am never surprised to hear that running the business is always secondary.  The value of running your business effectively, to the same quality as the service or product you deliver, is crucial to its success.

As small businesses owners, we all face the same problem… There is a bunch of the back end stuff to deal with running your own business. It’s daunting, because when you look at it, there’s just loads to do. So, breaking it down in to small steps is a great idea. And, by achieving one (even if it’s small) thing, gives a sense of accomplishment, which encourages you to tackle the next (big/small) thing.

How can you change this dynamic yourself?

It can seem overwhelming trying to make time for your clients, your team, and planning for the future  – but you can do it!

  • Allocate time each week, even just 30 minutes, to an area of the business – marketing, finances, team,etc.
  • Plan time across the month for these 30 minute sessions, each one tackling an area.
  • Consider outside support?  Are you spending far longer than it might take a bookkeeper to do your books?
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to it all… small steps will get the job done!

Need some help changing the way you run your business?

Get in touch with me to arrange a 45 minute Get to Know You & Your Business call to see how you can help yourself.