Can’t get away from work?

Yes, you can!

I know how hard it is… There is always that project to finish, that contract to draft, and always that one meeting that you must do. But, believe it or not, it will be okay to tell your client that you are going away!! Here’s how to take time off.

Recently, I took 4 days away in the UK. Yes – I did a meeting in the morning before I left, and yes – I checked my emails daily. But the feeling of having had a break, feeling refreshed, feeling excited is like no other! I am a sole trader, I am an entrepreneur, and yes, I worry about delaying project deadlines, but I cannot emphasise enough the importance of YOU time!

So, how do you plan that time away?

  1. Block some dates in your diary – even if you don’t have a destination, or anything booked. It gives you some dates and a timeline to work towards.
  2. As soon as you have selected the dates, tell your clients you have this planned time away –.
  3. Book the day before, and the day after, to work from home.
  4. Do you have a buddy/colleague who could take your calls? If not, put an out-of-office message on your phone saying you are away. A buddy could be someone who is a friend, peer, or even a parent, who could just take a message, or respond with a holding email.
  5. Plan your last few days before you go away with a task list and share the task lists with your clients, so they know what is outstanding. This manages their expectations, and helps you to feel comfortable with what you are leaving behind.
  6. Go away. Take the time to reflect. And, enjoy the YOU time!

Need some help?

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