Meet Lucinda

Working with someone new on your small business or charity is a big deal.

And you want to be sure they’re going to “fit” with the way you work.  So, here are a few details about who I am and how I work.

My greatest motivation at work is to help my clients – be they a small business or a charity. I care about the people and organisations I work with and I want to help them achieve success.

It is so important that my clients know that I am on their side and I am accessible when they need me.

You’ll find me working from my home office in Hampshire with my dogs Hector and Hugo close by. They’re always around somewhere and you’ll probably get to meet them if we work together!  

An Experienced Project Manager

With my background across a variety of roles, organisations and industry sectors, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that offers a rounded approach. My mission is to make my clients feel confident in my work and supported by it. If you want someone with the experience to deal with challenges and hit the ground running, then hire me!

Find out more about my career path by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

Superhero Skills

We all have them! Here are mine: I’m organised, strategic, flexible and professional. I have varied experience and like to offer a rounded approach. I’m also very personable and love getting to know new people.

Could you use someone like me on your team?  Then, contact me here!

Responsive and Friendly

I do like to visit my clients’ offices or at least meet face to face, as it is important to build a relationship from the start.

If I am not at my desk, I am out walking the dogs, on the golf course, in the garden or catching up with friends or family.  People are really important to me, and my work and life balance is critical to operating at by best.

You’ll see from my blogs that health and fitness are key elements to operating at my best and to running a successful Consultancy.

Why work with me?

Clients like my informal, responsive and familiar approach. They also appreciate the way I deal with complex situations with a measured and strategic attitude. If I don’t know the answer, I can call on a team of expert contacts for help and support.

With this extensive network of business professionals, I have the ability to bring in additional pairs of hands and the expertise that my clients may need. And, if I don’t know someone suitable, I will go find them!

Interested in knowing more?

Book your no-commitment 45-minute Getting to Know You call to talk about your business needs, and how I can help you move forward. Or drop me a line - email me now