Meet Lucinda

Lucinda Cross

What do we do?

We help small businesses seeking operational resilience and process improvement.

We support Charities and Boards with their governance ensuring they are operating efficiently and effectively.

Working with someone new on your small business is a big deal

And you want to be sure they’re going to “fit” with the way you work. So here are a few details about me and how we could work together.


An experienced project manager

You want experienced people on your team who are used to dealing with challenges and can hit the ground running? That’s me!

With my background across a variety of roles and organisations in the City, West End and in retail, you’ll feel safe with my abilities and experience. Want to know more about my background? Visit my LinkedIn profile.


The Winning Combination

Responsive & friendly

Clients like my informal, responsive and familiar approach. They also appreciate the way I deal with complex situations with a measured and strategic attitude.

You’ll find me working from my office in Hampshire with my dog Hector close by. He’s always around somewhere and you’ll probably get to meet him if we work together!


Superhero skills

We all have them, here are mine! I’m organised, strategic, flexible and professional. I have varied experience and like to offer a rounded approach. I’m also very personable and love getting to know new people.

Sound like you could do with someone like that on your team? Contact me here!


Who do I work with?

I work with Charity’s, Small businesses owners and Directors who need a bit of help and guidance.

You can find out more about the Charities and Small I work with here.


Interested in knowing more?

Book your no-commitment 45-minute Getting to Know You call to talk about your business needs, and how I can help you move forward.

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