My Services

I help small businesses who are seeking operational resilience and process improvement.

I look inside, make achievable recommendations and help you implement those plans.

I support Charities and Boards with their governance ensuring they are operating efficiently and effectively.

I help SME CEO’s and Executive teams improve their teams efficiency and effectiveness.

Working with Lucinda

I like to keep it simple:

What does it cost for this phase?

I charge from £300 for an audit and recommendations phases. I am happy to discuss instalment payments as I appreciate cash flow can be an issue for small businesses.

Beyond this phase – Implementation

The cost depends on what you would like me to help with, whether it is setting up systems, reorganising things for you, or simply having a check in on a weekly, bi-weekly and then monthly basis.  I charge from £30.00/hr for all work beyond the Audit phase. 

I help CEOs, Trustees and Charity Founders ensure they are compliant and operating to their best, so they can achieve the necessary funding to deliver what they set out to do.
I can help you navigate what is required and achieve best practice.

You are operating at an adequate level that is okay, but you would like to be more efficient and effective. You have a good team but you’d like them to perform even better. I’ll review and improve your processes and efficiency in no time.

You’re a small business owner or a small team. You started out doing something you were passionate about and realised you could make a successful business out of it. But you’re a victim of your own success: those important tasks and actions are not being done, or you’re finding yourself doing a lot of duplication. That list of jobs you’ll do “one day” is steadily stacking up and it’s preventing your business from moving forward.

Process Review

There is no ‘one size fits all’ here when it comes to process reviews, so every review will be different. However, I start by asking clients to do an exercise which helps to gather information about: how they prefer to work; the challenges and frustrations they face; and most importantly, their objectives. I ask my clients to share as much as they can with me, so we can maximise the opportunity to reduce duplication and identify the best processes to use

Interested in knowing more?

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