Back Office Brilliance

You know what needs to be done, but you just don’t have time or the know-how.

You need some help, but don’t know where to look.

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Back Office Brilliance means we work with you on an ad hoc basis, or be a regular service at month end, etc. – whatever suits your business. And the scope of work is up to you: we can do as much, or as little, as you want.

We support the following aspects of your business:

  • Process Design and Implementation
  • Process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Operational resilience
  • People retention
  • Outsourcing – we can introduce partners
  • Technology Reviews – to ensure you are using the right apps/tech that work for you
  • Month-end Invoicing and Administration
  • Office/Workplace Reorganisation
  • General administration

Get an extra, skilled, pair of hands to get that job done.

At Ginger Mash, we’ve got a team of experts waiting to help you.

They’re tried and tested, and they won’t break the bank, because they work for you as and when you need them. Be kind to your budget.

And, if you’re looking to add a permanent member to your team, we can help you find the right person.

Want to find out more about Back Office Brilliance, then let’s talk…

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Back Office Brilliance – What Happens Now?

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What will it cost?

Buy blocks of time at the following rates:

Simple admin: £25.00 per hour

More challenging admin: £30.00 per hour

Buy a Full or Half day Consultation:

Half Day – £250.00

Full Day – £380.00 

To find out more, book a call…

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Do you have a project you need delivered by a certain date?

We can help you with that project. For example:

  • Set up your CRM from £350.00
  • Review your business processes £350.00

Or do you need regular weekly and monthly support?

We can work on retainer, and provide services such as:

  • Admin and month-end support (15-20 hours): from £400.00 per month
  • Operational resilience from – £300/day
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