Ready to Ramp Up


You’re doing fine!

But, if only you could get a little help, things could really accelerate.

We can help you make those little tweaks, that make a huge difference.

Every successful business reaches a point where there’s a next step necessary to move forward.

Yet taking it feels like an impossibility, when you’re crazily busy doing the day job!

But, add some Ginger Mash to your strategy, admin, HR, technology, data, and you’ll discover those hopes of winning bigger clients aren’t just pipe dreams. And, those plans of turning a team of 2 into 10, don’t have to stay on the drawing board.

If you’re ready to Ramp Up, we’ll provide the practical help and strategic support to make your business thrive.

How does it work?

We will meet for a 2-hour Consultation at your workplace, or wherever suits you. Together we’ll run through your ideas, and review what you need.

Then, I’ll go away and create a proposal – the G Plan – which covers what you need, with my ideas of how to achieve it – and then we can get started!

The 2 hour Consultation can be broken down into 2 x one hour sessions, via phone/skype, or a face-to-face meeting, depending on your location.

What will it cost?

The 2 hour Consultation and G Plan is just £150.00

With your plan agreed, we can either explore working on a regular basis (i.e. a few hours for a period of time) or create a package with timelines to meet your budget and deadlines.

Next step

Ready to make a start?

Get in touch and find out how I can help you take that next step…. I know its scary, but find out how we can change things for the better.

Get in touch now – you can contact me here, or …

Time to make those changes!

Let’s get started!