Here’s what my clients say about working with me

Efficient, effective and a pleasure to work with!

“As a growing charity, this was the first time we had an external Clerk to the Board and the work Lucinda has done has been transformational in professionalising the way we work.

Lucinda ensures that the charity is compliant with the Charities Commission, manages Board agendas, meetings and minutes and ensures that both the Trustees and Executive team can conduct their functions effectively and in a timely manner. She has worked hard in this role, is efficient, effective and a pleasure to work with. She has a significant level of expertise and experience, which means she is able to contribute and advise where necessary.

Lucinda works with SOFEA to improve our operational resilience. Her understanding of the charity and what is required of charities generally is excellent and she has put this to good use by identifying key areas in which the organisation needed support and then provided that support in a really effective way. Lucinda has supported a complete review of the organisation’s policies and procedures. She has been instrumental in helping the organisation introduce a CRM and has worked well with the senior team to map out core processes.


Richard Kennell


Superb governance knowledge and an inspiring passion for supporting charities

Lucinda has truly transformed the organisation and governance of The Didcot Powerhouse Fund with her detailed knowledge of governance and systems, but also the energy and passion she brings to supporting these grassroot charities. As a colleague I value her so highly. She combines attention to detail with warmth and empathy, and remains cheerful in the face of the inevitable obstacles. Her support has far exceeded my expectations and now I wonder how we ever managed without her!

Elizabeth Paris DL

Chair, The Didcot Powerhouse Fund

Above and beyond my expectations!

“Lucinda has organised my business in a way that I couldn’t or wouldn’t ever do. As a small business I thought I could never afford to have a business consultant. Now after more than 2 years I now cannot imagine not having Lu’s help. As a creative photographer running a studio, I need to stick to my strengths and allow Lucinda to keep an eye on my admin and campaigns, in which she simply excels.

She works above and beyond my expectations and has helped me throughout the ups and downs of my business. I would highly recommend her and so often do. Everyone needs a Ginger Mash! 

Jacqueline Ferguson

Penn Road Studio

An invaluable asset to our charity, bringing about a transformative impact

“I endorse Lucinda, who came highly recommended by one of our experienced trustees that benefited from Ginger Mash services. Lucinda has been an invaluable asset to our charity, bringing about a transformative impact. Her consistent dedication to governance, meticulous board secretarial services, and thorough reviews and implementation of policies have been transformative for our small charity.

Lucinda’s collaboration with our organisation has provided the essential support and governance required for our expansion and ongoing growth. Her expertise and commitment have significantly elevated our operational efficiency, ensuring that we navigate challenges with confidence and adhere to the highest standards of excellence.”

Sabiene North

CEO, Be Free Young Carers

Her advice and approach really works!

I’ve been Lucinda’s client for over a year now. From our very first meeting together, she helped me develop clear actions to effectively grow my business. She is also very well connected, often pointing me in the right direction when I need anything in business. With Lucinda’s help, I overcame my fear of hiring a team and now I have a great one!

Together, we’ve also made sure my company is legally protected. Her advice and approach really works. Lucinda has been such an asset.

Grace WIllis Hodgins

Founder, DramEd

Reliable, efficient and supports me wherever needed

As the Founder and Franchiser of The Athena Network I also manage one of our territories for Research and Development purposes.  My key role is to hold the vision of the organisation and support all of our Regional Directors and members, so running even two groups can distract me. The most obvious solution was to engage Lucinda to support with the administration of a few of the two groups which alleviated the pressure on my time.

Lucinda is reliable, efficient and supports me wherever needed. She respects the corporate brand and is a huge advocate for the franchise. Equally important to me Lucinda is professional, determined and delivers an outstanding service to me and all the members in the groups.”

athena logo

Jacqueline Rogers

Founder, The Athena Network

I left feeling positive and organised!

“Lucinda has been a godsend in helping organise my business. I was feeling overwhelmed with both workflows and marketing. Sitting down for a discovery session was the best thing I’ve done for my business this year. It was a breath of fresh air! We talked through everything and looked at the pinch points. She gave me ideas and goals, and I left feeling positive and organised!

Since then, she has kept me on track and helped me stay accountable to my goals. This has made a big difference in both my turnover and how I feel about the business. It’s fantastic knowing Lucinda is on my team!

Rachel Thornhill

Rachel Thornhill Photography

I got far more out of it than I was expecting

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your time. I got far more out of it than I was expecting to and I feel empowered to look at my business through slightly different eyes thanks to you!  You do such an amazing job…if you can do this for me in half an hour to an hour, I can only marvel at the amazing changes you can offer people longer term. I have a lovely list of things I need to action.”

Emma Seddon

Longcroft Cat Hotel

Invaluable help!

Lucinda offered her assistance at a time in which my business was having difficulties. Her approach to the situation was very professional and I will always be extremely grateful that she was on hand to guide me through a complicated and emotional period. She provided so much support in a very clear and concise way. I would not hesitate to contact Lucinda again to help with any further business advice; she was brilliant.”

Fay Young


Common sense and humour

“I wish Lucinda could re-organise my entire home, not just my office!  She helped me create a wonderfully intuitive working environment using her energy, passion, common sense and humour!  Would recommend to everyone!”

Jocelyn Peregrine


Highly recommended!

Lucinda has been a tremendous help for me. She has put my mind at rest and has been a fountain of knowledge. I could not recommend her highly enough!

Simon Hill

Business Partner, Technology

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