Practical support for small businesses, charities and boards

My typical client is somebody just like you…

You’re a small business owner or a small team. You started out doing something you were passionate about and realised you could make a successful business out of it. But you’re a victim of your own success: you aren’t getting through all those important tasks and actions, or your finding yourself doing a lot of duplication.  And that list of jobs you’ll do “one day” is steadily stacking up and it’s preventing your business from moving forward.

You’re a charity or community group who needs some support

I help CEOs, trustees and charity founders ensure they are compliant and operating to their best, so they can achieve the necessary funding to deliver what they set out to do.

Whether you are a CIO or a CIC (social enterprise), it is important that you constantly review your policies and procedures, and that you adhere to your regulator’s requirements.  I will help you navigate through these requirements.

Overwhelmed small business owner?

It happens to the best of us! After you’ve been running your business for a while, you get stuck! Stuck with a mountain of back office admin that never seems to gets done. Your processes are not working, despite changing, adapting, bringing in new ideas or even software. It can be frustrating and sometimes you need someone who can take a look from outside your organisation. You are not alone! I will help you.

Small business support

With me on your side, I will help you cut through the clutter and focus on the things that will really make a difference. Working with me, you will be able to conquer your mountain of to-dos and start being more efficient.
I help small business owners and entrepreneurs tweak their performance with process reviews, cost efficiency reviews and people audits, so their businesses can take the next step forward and function more effectively.

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